• ILDC sold 65% of "Argaman Compound" in Bnei Brak in consideration of NIS 70 Million


  • Controlling Shareholders

  • Jackob Nimrodi - Honorary President

    Chairman of the Board 1998-2003.

    Colonel in the IDF (retired in 1969).

    Head of the Mossad station in Teheran 1955-1959.

    Military Attaché, Head of Delegation of the Defense Ministry to Iran 1960-1969.

    Honorary Consul of Madagascar in Israel.

  • Ofer Nimrodi - Director, CEO of ILDC

    LLB of the Tel-Aviv University (Summa cum Laude) and MBA of the Harvard Business School.
    Director in most of the group’s subsidiaries.
    Joined the Board of Directors in 1989.Chairman of the Board 2006-2008.
    Editor-in-Chief of the MAARIV daily newspaper 1992-1998.


  • Members of the Board of Directors

  • Shlomo Maoz - Chairman of the Board

    Joined the Company in 2004.
    B.A. in Economics from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem  M.A. in Economics from the London School of Economics.
    A financial and economic advisor in a private company. Until 2006 served as Chairman of the Board of ILD INSURANCE HOLDINGS LTD. (when still in the Company’s ownership).
    Today a Director in many other leading companies in Israel.

  • Ron Weissberg- Vice Chairman

    Joined the Board in 1988.
    B.A. in Industrial and Management Engineering, the Technion, Haifa. MBA, NYU.
    Private businessman. Until 2004, ILDC’s Acting CEO. Until 2006, Chairman of the Board and CEO of ILD INSURANCE HOLDINGS and its subsidiaries.Director in ILD HOTELS.

  • David Schwartz

    Joined the Board in 2010. Member of the Board’s Auditing, Land Registry and Investments committees.     Specialized in accounting and finances.  B.A. in Economics and Accounting, Bar-Ilan University. Financial and management advisor, director in several companies.

  • Ravit Nimrodi

    Joined the Board in 2007. 

    Attorney, LLB, Graduate of the Law School of the ONO Academic College.

  • Menashe Arnon

    Joined the Board in 2011. Member of the Board’s Auditing and Financial Statements committees
    B.A. in Economics and Accounting, The Hebrew Unibersity (Tel Aviv Extention).



  • Chen Lavon

    Joined the Board in 2009. Director in subsidiaries of ILDC since 2001.

    B.A. and M.A. in Economics and Accounting, Bar-Ilan University.                                                                                         CPA, owner and manager of a private accounting firm since 1991.  


  • Gili Cohen

    Joined the Company in 2012.
    B.A. in Economics and Geography and M.A. in Business Administration, both from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.
    Served as a manager of the investments department and Chief Investments Officer in a private investment house.
    Director in Harel Provident Fund and Education Fund Ltd, Harel Pension Funds Management Ltd.

  • Haya Mena

    Joined the Board in 2013.

    Graduate (L.L.B) from the Law School of College of Law & Business.

    A lawyer and mediator in a private law firm.


  • Main Company Officers

  • Shimshon Marfogel - Executive Vice President

    Joined ILDC in 1985. Member of the Board’s Investments Committee. Chairman and Director in subsidiaries of the Company.
    B.A. in Economics and Accounting and MBA, both from the Hebrew University.

  • Smadar Nimrodi-Rinot-VP for Special Projects

    and Chairman of the Board of ILD HOTELS.


    Joined the Company in 1995.

    Director in RAPID VISION LTD. 
    Attorney. Graduate of the Bar-Ilan School of Law and School of Social Work.

  • Yael Nimrodi-Brant - VP Marketing & HR

    Joined ILDC in 1997.

    Vice Chairman of Rapid vision Ltd, director in ILD Hotels Ltd.

    Formerly Director and VP of Maariv-Modiin Publishing House, publishers of major Israeli daily newspaper Maariv, Head of Maariv’s magazines division and Chairman of National Geographic Israel.

    BA in Social Work and MBA (Marketing) from the Tel-Aviv University

  • Rafael Snir-Vice President

    Investments in Eastern Europe.


    Joined ILDC in 2007.

    B.A. in Social Sciences from the Haifa University.

  • Alex Mariash-Vice President

    Properties Development & Management.

    CEO of the subsidiary- OPTIMA Management and Investments 66 Ltd.

    Joined the ILDC Group in 2007.
    B.A. and M.A. in Economics from the Ben-Gurion University in the Negev.

  • Kim Shoham-Nir - Vice President

    Regulatory Affairs and Company Secretary.

    Joined ILDC in 2000.

    Company Secretary of The Israel Land Development Company - Energy Ltd. as well.
    CPA. B.A. in Accounting and Statistics and MBA, both from the Tel-Aviv University.

  • Dalia Spanier - Comptroller

    Joined ILDC in 1995. Comptroller for The Israel Land Development Company - Energy Ltd.
    CPA., B.A. in Accounting and Economics from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

  • Yossef (Yoske) Meir - Company Treasurer

    Joined ILDC in 1977. From 1988 to-date: Company Treasurer.
    MBA from the Derby University.

  • Main Officers in Company Subsidiaries

  • Ohad Marani - CEO ILDC-Energy

    Joined ILDC Group in 2010. B.A. in Economics and MBA, both from the Hebrew University, M.A. in Public Administration , from Harvard University (major in economics and finance) .

  • Eran Kviatek - CEO ILD Hotels

    Joined the ILDC Group in 2007.
    B.A. in Accounting and B.A. in Economics, both from the Tel-Aviv University.
    Served as Deputy CEO of ILD hotels and prior to that as CFO.


  • Itay Kaplan- CEO ILD Malls

    Joined the ILDC Group in 2012. Serves also as the General Manager of the 7 Star Mall in Herzlia.
    B.A. in Economics from the Tel-Aviv University. Having over 20 years of experience in Real Estate, he was formerly the CEO of Isralom Properties Ltd.

  • Micha Shapira - Manager, Logistic Parks, Poland

    Joined the ILDC Group in 2003.
    B.Sc. in Industrial and Management Engineering.

  • Yael Rothschild - Manager MILL-YON-Poland

    [residential real-estate development]

    Joined the ILDC Group in 2005. 
    B.A. in Architecture.

  • Yoram Aris - CEO, Rapid Vision LTD.

    Joined the Group in 2015.

  • Gil Blutreich - Chairman of Skyline, Canada

    Joined the ILDC Group in 2000.
    Graduate of hotel management studies.

  • Dr. Yossi Cohen - Romania Territorial Manager

    J.D. Teaches Law. Private legal practice.

  • Zohar Davida-Company Secretary of Subsidiaries

    and Manager of Subsidiaries’ Secretariat

    Joined the ILDC Group in 1999.
    Attorney. LLB from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.